Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Bonnie C.-The Grand Prize Winner

Bonnie C., one of our very talented quilters, recently won The Grand Prize from Martelli Enterprizes :  the Work Station and Cutting Table (pictured below).  Bonnie is working in her sewing/craft room to make room for the newest addition to her sewing, crafting and quilting tools.  She was very excited to win this fabulous prize.  

Here is what Bonnie said about winning:  "You would not believe the morning I've had. I don't know whether to laugh or cry and when I say cry it is not from sorrow but from sheer joy. My  husband took a phone call when I was out in the yard working, he came and told me a guy called and said I won the online drawing... The guy was from Martelli's sewing and quilting supply shop.. Martelli's sells a great fabric cutting system and I do happen to have some of their products and they are fantastic to work with..very top quality. What did I win you ask, I won the BIG Grand Prize.. Each month they have a draw for $100 gift certificate to their store, the yearly grand prize is a complete cutting system and table, which is a $3,000 system... yes I said $3,000 system and I won it.... the table is hydraulic, and it has a complete cutting system with it.. So can you see why I don't know whether to laugh or cry, I have never won anything like this... Martelli's will be delivering the table and setting it up for me in the next few weeks... I am just so excited." 

The members of World of Charity Stitching are very excited and happy for Bonnie too.  She is one of our most prolific quilters.  She loves to makes quilts for charity from the squares our group cross stitches.  Be sure and visit Martelli's Facebook page.  They have a nice write-up on Bonnie and will be featuring her in their upcoming publication.

Again, congratulations to Bonnie!  She certainly deserves this win.



  1. I am very happy for Bonnie, now that I see the picture of her winning I can easily understand why she was so near to tears, it's really a big win for sure ^_^