Monday, September 24, 2012

A Very Special Quilt

Meet Teresa-she was diagnosed with breast cancer not very long ago and is undergoing treatment.   One of our members, Pam, had suggested that our group create and donate a quilt made especially for Teresa with a few of her favorite things:  Shih-tzu puppy, sewing items, flowers.  

The finished quilt was mailed to Teresa recently and she was thrilled to receive it.  Teresa wrote a note to our group:

"Dearest Pam and Ladies of WOCS,
I rec'd a surprise pkg. today, and when I opened it I saw the most beautiful quilt inside! It was such a surprise to know that my dear friend Pam, would request a quilt for me when I know she is going thru the same thing as I am. I was very emotional not to mention speechless. Pam knows that I have done many breast cancer quilts myself in other groups for breast cancer survivors and it meant a lot to me to do them, but to be on the receiving end is another story. It really isn't until then that you can appreciate the hard, dedicated work that goes into one of these quilts and the love and thoughtfulness with every stitch. I absolutely LOVE it and will cherish it forever and will think of you all when I wrap myself in it. I have enclosed a pic of me with my beautiful quilt. Thank you all for all your hard work, I truly feel special.

Teresa, we hope this special gift will help you during the upcoming months.  We were very happy to create this gift for you. 

October is breast cancer month, so if you can do some small thing to help in the fight against breast cancer, you can make a difference.

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