Saturday, September 22, 2012

An Owl Quilt for Melanie

Melanie is a WOCS member who lives in Alabama, works at Century Care Center and is our delivery person, as well as a stitcher.   Mel has been on a roller coaster life these last few years:  she lost her home to a fire, had family problems which are now all worked out, she worries about her dad and his health issues, she lost her cats to the house fire, lost her dog to a car accident, a puppy to a attack of a wild animal, one puppy to a snake bite.. Most of these were dropped off animals.   Mel lives in a very rural area of Alabama.

This year she had a hysterectomy and thyroid surgery; her thyroid was
cancerous, but the surgeon got all the cancer and no other treatments were needed.. Then to continue her streak of bad luck she twisted her ankle at work for the second time, so her ankle was still weak.  After months of doctor visits, therapy, medications, they finally sent her to a specialist, he had a MRI done and she found that she had torn the ligament in her ankle and had to have surgery again.  

One of these days things might start going her way.. her luck has to change soon, she gets upset but she is strong and keeps moving on... she has to, she has two teenagers in the house to keep up with and one of them is learning to drive.

So, to help bring a little bit of sunshine into Mel’s life, our group has donated one of our quilts to her:  The Owl Quilt.  Since Mel is a stitcher too and her step-mom, Bonnie is one of our talented quilters, I know she appreciates all the work that goes into making a quilt.  We were very happy to give this special quilt to Mel.

Melanie said, “I am doing alright; I got my stitches out yesterday and I’m in a brace and a boot. It still hurts to try and bear any weight but I start therapy in two weeks. I haven’t done much cross stitching but I have been crafty . . . I try and do one project a day.  I appreciate the quilt and so does my daughter-haha. I have to fight for it! Thank you all for it. And please let everyone know I’m doing ok.”


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