Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Quilter's Choice Quilt with JBW Designs

We're doing a special Quilter's Choice Quilt using patterns by Judy Whitman, the designer and owner of JBW Designs. WOCS is using only her French Country Designs and when finished, the quilt will go to a Senior at the Century Care Center in Alabama.

Judy has been involved in stitching for 40 years.  She started out with Needlepoint, took classes and decided she would love to share what she learned. After teaching needlepoint and designing for her classes, Judy then converted her patterns for Counted Cross Stitch and JBW Designs was born. She loves designing as she gets to work from home! 

The Country French Line is Judy's favorite. How does she create these beautiful designs? 
She chooses a shape or outline of an item or animal such as a squirrel.  She then thinks of things that remind her of a squirrel and adds those little motifs to the design.  If you look closely at her design, you will find an S for Squirrel, hearts, squirrels, birds, nuts and whatever she thinks of when she thinks of a squirrel, using the swirls and lines to fill in the rest of the pattern.  Judy has a large selection of patterns  in the French Country Line.  Some of her other favorites are the Alphabet of Design, Homeward Bound and To The Sea.
JBW Designs can be purchased at your local needlework shop or online at any of the online needlework sites. Check out all the beautiful designs by Judy Whitman.  She has something for every style of stitching.


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