Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Smiles Say It All

The pile of quilts recently finished by Bonnie C.
Bonnie C., our prolific quilter, had this to say about all the comments and praise about the finished quilts:

"Thank you all for your kind comments on the quilts... I am just so happy to be a member of this group.  I try my best to make sure that each quilt is a little bit different, and one that our members are proud to have had a part in making. I love seeing the squares as they come in and when the assembly process starts I love watching as the quilts take shape.  I also know that these quilts will bring smiles to many and then there are the ones who will tear up as they can not believe that we have taken the time to make something so beautiful for them.  Many of the seniors are forgotten by their family or friends, we make sure they are remembered. Our quilts are security to a frighten child, friendship to a lonely senior, comfort and warmth to a cancer patient, and a sense of accomplishment to all who work on making it. Our quilts are not only made with needle and thread, they are made with laughter, tears, joy, friendship, prayers and love. With all the good things that go into our quilts it is easy to bring them to life."


  1. Peggy could I copy the photo of the quilts, it is so good.

    1. You could ask Bonnie via personal email if you'd like. It was a photo she took, so I can't really say yes or no.